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Make Sure Your Target Audience Will Remember You

Branding is not just a well designed logo, it's more than that, it's a marketing strategy to help your Raleigh business stand out from the competition. There is a psychology behind this strategy and when planning a new website, I consider some of the following:

  • Logo design: logo should be unique and eye catching, it needs to be placed on the web page where it will be seen first, and repeated on every page.
  • Color scheme: Colors need to reflect the business or industry. Loud, bold colors or soft, muted colors, will be the difference on how people remember and associate your brand.
  • Character: Your brand should also reflect character, is your business fun and down to earth or stable and safe?
  • Emotions: What emotions and feelings do you want people that visit your site to experience? The emotional experience people have on your site will be associated with your brand. A well thought out design will include images, graphics, and again, a color scheme to help create that particular emotional experience. People associate colors with emotions.

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