Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Every small business owner now understands the importance of search engine optimization, SEO, and the importance of having a solid plan and campaign if they want to remain competitive in their market. SEO is an ongoing work in process. As the algorithms change in search engines, so must the strategies and campaign. The basics won't get you to page one, it's only the foundation to help make your website search engine friendly. Including a SEO maintenance plan will get you to page one and will keep your ranking high for better search engine placement.

Basic SEO

Basic SEO is included in all the websites I create. Whether your site is a three page starter site or a ten or more page complex site. It's important to build in the basics as the site is being constructed from scratch to insure a solid foundation for the search engines. Once the basics are implemented, a SEO campaign can evolve more easily. The basics include, keyword search for strong competitive keywords and key phrase that will be written into the following:

  • Page titles
  • Page URL
  • Paragraph headers
  • Included in the text content
  • meta tags
  • image and graphics file names
  • alt tags

SEO Maintenance

SEO maintenance is an ongoing service, charged with a monthly fee. With this service I monitor the website traffic using Google Analytics and conduct a daily search for website placement. Observe the competition and monitor their strategies closely. We can reach your business goals by:

  • Developing a custom strategy based on your business goals
  • Link building with relevant, credible, weighty websites
  • Adding fresh content through blogging and / or news articles
  • Submitting website's URL and content to appropriate directories
  • Monitor SEO performance and adjust as needed to the changing algorithms
  • Adding video content

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